Get rid of your items for a good cause.

Reserve a home pickup

Want us to come by and pick up your used clothing or small household goods? Use our on-line application to reserve a home pickup.

Reserve a home pickup

Find a donation bin

We have more than 200 donation bins in the Montreal area. To find a donation bin near you, use our geolocator.

Find a donation bin

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Did you know? Les Trouvailles du Support is our retail location. Come visit us at 2930, chemin de Chambly in Longueuil, Québec - you never know what you might find!

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What your donations do

The clothes and other items that you generously donate to Le Support are sold. The money raised is used to support the activities of Quebec Intellectual Disability Society and its partner organizations that promote the social and professional inclusion of the intellectually disabled, awareness-raising initiatives and education, as well as the protection of rights and advocacy.


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Quebec Intellectual Disability Society

Making Quebec an inclusive society

Le Support finances the activities of the Quebec Intellectual Disability Society. By contributing to our cause, you help improve the daily life of 82,000 intellectually disabled people in Quebec. Among other things, you encourage employers to hire them!  

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Where do the clothes and other items go?

The items collected are sold to different clients. The amount of money we’ve collected this way over 30 years to help the intellectually disabled will surprise you…

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The environmental impact of recycling

In 30 years, Le Support has diverted more than 130,000 tons of clothing and household goods from landfill sites. See how, with us, you are protecting the environment while helping a very good cause.

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Our different services

We really need your used clothing and other used items. By collecting and reselling these items, we help the intellectually disabled. Le Support relies on several services to make it easier for you to donate.

Home pick-up

This is our turnkey service that makes it easier to donate. We arrange a time and then come to your home to pick up whatever you have to give. Simple and practical!

Learn more about our home pick-up service

Pre-move pick-up

Are you moving? Does a friend or family member have to leave their home? Did a loved one pass away? Call on us to get rid of any unwanted clothes or other items.

Learn more about our pre-move pick-up service

Collecting items at rental buildings

Offer your tenants an extra service by hosting a donation bin. They can donate their used clothing without having to go anywhere.

Learn more about our apartment building donation bin service

Collecting items for a community project

Looking for a way to fundraise for a project? Organize a community collection. It’s easy and requires less of an effort than selling chocolate!

Find out how we can help you with your clothing drive

Collecting items at your company

Offer your employees a chance to donate their used clothing by hosting a donation bin on your work premises. It doesn’t cost a penny and we take care of everything.

Learn more about our company on-site donation box service

What goes in the bins?

The donation bins are mainly for collecting used clothing. You can also donate small items. Be sure that everything you donate is placed inside tightly closed bags.

As a rule, we accept almost all household items:

  • Clothing and underwear (under certain conditions);
  • Shoes, hats, belts and bags;
  • Knick-knacks, picture frames, decorative items;
  • Dishes, pots and pans, utensils;
  • Glasses, cups and tumblers;
  • Silverware and serveware;
  • Clocks, alarm clocks;
  • Electronic devices, sound systems, speakers;
  • Novels, comic books;

  • Cameras, tape recorders, CD and DVD players;
  • Sports items;
  • Irons, kettles, blenders;
  • Blinds, curtains, drapes;
  • Sheets and towels;
  • Discs, tapes, vinyl records;
  • Small electric appliances (toasters, waffle makers, food processors).

As a rule, we accept almost all household items.

However, we do not accept furniture and household appliances.

  • No beds or mattresses;
  • No sofas or armchairs;
  • No rugs;
  • No ovens (but we do accept microwave ovens);

  • No refrigerators or dishwashers;
  • No washing machines or dryers;
  • No books or magazines (except for novels and comic books)

However, we do not accept furniture and household appliances.


Call 514 725-9797, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday, if you are unsure whether an item is accepted or not


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