Mission and history

More than 30 years of donations and mutual assistance

Le Support has given over $30M to more than 300 organizations throughout Quebec since 1988. The result has been an improvement in quality of life for thousands of intellectually disabled people and their families.


Le Support raises money to ensure the development of the Quebec Intellectual Disability Society. It supports the Society in its projects and contributes to its visibility and leadership.

The money is raised mainly by collecting and selling used clothing and household items. Le Support plays a major role in protecting the environment by reusing the materials that it collects.


Le Support wants to maintain its position as a leader in the collection and sale of used clothing and household items. Constantly seeking new ways of doing things, it wants to make the donation process easier in order to increase donations of items for the Fondation.

Le Support advocates the use of new technologies to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Lastly, the organization counts on the quality and engagement of its employees to achieve its goals.

Donations that do good

The money raised by Le Support through the years has made it possible to:

  • Defend the rights of intellectually disabled people and their families
  • Facilitate the construction of adapted dwellings and building renovations or expansions
  • Carry out major social inclusion projects
  • Purchase specialized health equipment
  • Install adapted playground structures
  • Finance recreational, sports and cultural activities
  • Finance educational trips
  • Finance vacation camps, integration centres and respite homes.