Board of Directors

An abundance of energy

Our board of directors is made up of parents, health professionals and businesspeople who invest their time and hearts to allow our organization to develop. Thanks to the enlightened leadership of its administrators, Le Support improves the lives of thousands of intellectually disabled people and their families.

The members of the board of directors are very familiar with the intellectual disability sector. In certain cases, they have a personal connection with intellectual disability. In all cases, they have made it their cause and devote a great deal of energy to it.

The members of our board of directors are:

  • Chairman:
    • Mr. Emmanuel Rodrigue
  • Vice-Chairman:
    • Mr. Martin Caouette
  • Treasurer:
    • Mr. Yvan Joyal
  • Secretary:
    • Mr. Étienne Brodeur
  • Administrator:
    • Mrs Annie Labonté
  • Administrator:
    • Mr. Benoit Racette
  • Administrator:
    • Mr. Daniel Thompson
  • Ex-officio Member:
    • Mr. Philippe Siebes, General Manager
    • Le Support