Courageous people

Every day, the Le Support team handles thousands of pounds of used clothing and goods. It contributes to helping the intellectually disabled by collecting and reselling these items.

We would like to acknowledge the professionalism and dedication of all our employees. It’s not an easy task to collect and ship tons of merchandise 365 days a year!

Our team:

  • Philippe Siebes, General Manager
  • Michelle Ngouala, Accountant
  • Nanette Fleming, Transportation Supervisor
  • Jean Fillion, Warehouse Supervisor
  • Ginette Grzeszczakowski, Director of Business Development
  • Miralda Pierre-Paul, Customer Service
  • Mireille Tessier, Marketing

In addition to the above are our handlers, truck drivers, telephone operators and our donation box installation manager.

Working at Le Support means believing in the well-being of intellectually disabled people.