Where does the money raised go?

To make sure that everyone thrives

Every dollar raised drives the movement towards a more inclusive society.

  • 25% Social and professional inclusion
  • 25% Awareness-raising and training
  • 25% Local and community initiatives
  • 25% Defending rights and advocacy work

Social and professional inclusion

With good support and the help of programs and projects that facilitate their progress, people with intellectual disabilities can reach their full potential and live fulfilling lives, from their school days through their professional lives.

  • Ready, Willing and Able Program for employers
  • Assistant au projet de vie, (life project assistant) service for families

Our work is reinforced by the contributions of our member associations and completes the services provided by the health and social services network.

Awareness and training

To better help intellectually disabled people and their families, groups, organizations, and local associations, as well as employers and schools, need tools to provide the best intervention practices. That’s why the Société québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle offers a variety of training sessions and organizes different awareness-raising activities. Among these are:

  • Colloque de la Société québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle (symposium)
  • Cabaret Singulier pluriel
  • Semaine québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle (Intellectual Disability Week in Quebec)
  • Training for the intellectually disabled
  • Other training sessions

Local and community initiatives

By creating opportunities for dialogue and expertise-sharing among its members, the Société québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle helps put everyone on the same track, working towards the same goal. This builds strength and increases impacts province-wide. The Société also supports local initiatives fostering inclusion, whether they are headed by parent groups, local associations or organizations.

  • Local funding for initiatives fostering inclusion
  • Provincial resource- and expertise-sharing program

Protection of rights and advocacy work

Protecting the rights of the intellectually disabled and their families is the raison d’être of the Société québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle. Throughout its rich history, the Société has always placed this objective at the heart of its work.

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