Gradual resumption of activities under the COVID-19 crisis

Mar March 2020

After discussions and consultations with the Québec’s government, we are pleased to announce that our services have been judged essential by the administration of the Province. Therefore, we are eager to resume our activities. We would like to remind you that we accept items that are in good shape. If it is not, we will receive no money from the sale of these items.

As of now, our offices and our donation center are open from Monday to Friday. We are now able to do home pickups again. Our network of donation bins, dotting the Greater Montréal area, is fully accessible.

We would like to thank our donators for the patience they have shown during the crisis. In these troubled times, it is important to remember that it is way better environmentally to give the articles that you now longer want to keep rather than throw them in the garbage can.

We thank you for your generosity towards the cause that we serve et we hope that you will continue to stay safe and in good health.