Le Support has had a makeover!

Sep September 2018

After six years of loyal service, Le Support’s website is getting a new look: make way for a new format and content!  

The new site presents information related to Le Support’s activities in a richer way. Want to know the location of the donation box nearest your home? With its little Google map, our geolocation tool will allow you to easily find where you can drop off your clothing and other items.

The most important thing is to donate

We invite you to visit our Collecting Clothing and Other Items section to find out more about the ways you can donate. And remember that in doing so, you meet two needs with one deed:

  • You’ll be helping to protect the environment by donating your used items instead of discarding them.
  • You’ll be helping the intellectually disabled and contributing to making this a more inclusive world.

Intellectual disability has been Le Support’s sole reason for existence since 1988. We invite you to learn more about this condition which, unfortunately, many people know little about. Intellectual disability doesn’t make the headlines very frequently, but that’s no reason to be ignorant of it.

As the incident involving Walmart in the spring of 2018 proves, there’s still a lot of work to be done before the intellectually disabled and their families can live better, more positive lives.

Enjoy our website!