Happy Holidays for 2019

Dec December 2019

Dear friend,

The holiday season is a wonderful time to say thank you for helping Le Support de la Société québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle. The donations you made during the year helped improve the daily lives of people living with intellectual disabilities by promoting their social, educational and professional inclusion. Please take note that our offices will be closed from December the 20th through January the 6th.

And, thanks to your support, you’ve even given yourself a head start on possible New Year’s resolutions: accumulating less, promoting the re-use of materials, and celebrating an inclusive mindset!

Thank you for supporting the development of people with intellectual disabilities while ensuring the health of the planet.

The team from Le Support

P.S. January and February are the months when we receive the least amount of clothing donations. If you happen to come across a few items while you’re busy choosing your holiday outfits, please set them aside for us. We will be happy to come and pick them up.

For a home pickup

Fill out the form on our Web site, or call 514-725-9797. Please note that you need at least for good-sized bags for a home pick up. This is based upon our concern in protecting the environment. Thank you!